• Hi, we're Keeple!
    Two brothers with a passion for code, design and the web.

We are Keeple

A javascript idiot, an interface specialist, a pixelpusher. Teamed up with a backend nerd, a database guru, a sql grandmaster. Two persistent brothers with a strong passion for the Internet.

Ahum. Cough. Hello! We are Keeple!

Keeple translates ideas to design and code. Stuff we build, we’ll build robust and with a great eye for detail. It just works. And it looks fantastic. And we’ve been doing this stuff for over 10 years.

At night, we dream about websites.

Day in and day out Keeple tries -often completely in vain- not to give in too much to our unstoppable thirst for innovation. There are just so many possibilities on the web today! It’s scary!

Keeple can do almost anything!